Friday, August 25, 2006

Mandavilla blushing blossom

This Mandavilla blossom seems very pink, considering the full bloom is almost brilliant white. Enjoy - this blushing Mandavilla Blossom - It is the little differences in things that create quality in our lives! Posted by Picasa


Sunday, August 20, 2006

Bugsy is our daughter Heather's other beasty! He is a gentle White Boxer - who is perhaps the sweetest and most gentle canine we've ever had the pleasure of knowing! Posted by Picasa


Saturday, August 19, 2006

Green on Green

Grasshopper blending in with its dinner. As I shot this lil' guy, I kept noticing more and more of these diners in my garden. I allowed them to prune my Tomato Plants a bit more before shaking them off. No harm done to the tomatoes - that in August are yielding more fruit than we can consume. Posted by Picasa


Trains are a favorite subject

MARC Acela type Hi-Speed strolling into BWI Amtrak Station. Took Picasa and muted overall color and just left the nose of the MARC Acela Engine #4912 in colored detail. Hope you enjoy! Posted by Picasa


Welcome to Gilliamhome's Oly Evolt 500 Blog!

Howdy folks - I hope other Olympus Evolt 500 owners find their way here. I hope we can upload images and share the experience of this really kewl digital SLR. Hope this BLOG brings some happiness and enjoyment to those who visit here.