Saturday, August 19, 2006

Welcome to Gilliamhome's Oly Evolt 500 Blog!

Howdy folks - I hope other Olympus Evolt 500 owners find their way here. I hope we can upload images and share the experience of this really kewl digital SLR. Hope this BLOG brings some happiness and enjoyment to those who visit here.


Blogger sherrywiseman said...

Your books are beautiful! Thank You for sharing them with the world. We have shared your pictures them with our 2 Grandkids. Toby loves the trains while Lily loves the animals.

Tim has a talant that has not faded. God has blessed him to see the world.

Tim you are a wonderful person with a funny! We were family for many years. Even tho that has changed our love for you has not faded!

Love Always,
The Don Wiseman Family

12:49 PM  

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